- 1 -  Why does Megaproxy® offer the Basic/free service but not a demo of the advanced subscription SSL VPN service?

There are two primary reasons why Megaproxy® does not offer a demo of the Advanced Subscription Service. Foremost, there is no need for it at this time since the majority of our new customers come from unsolicited user referrals and already possess a basic understanding of the merits of the service. Second, the current pricing model of the Megaproxy® subscription service (compare it with the price of a good cup of a coffee) alleviates the need for a demo of our advanced service.

- 2 -  Does Megaproxy® have logs? If yes, what are your log handling procedures?

Service logging mechanisms are an integral part of any well designed web system. Megaproxy's architecture is no exception. Service logs aid in troubleshooting system problems and performance bottlenecks. Additionally, logging allows Megaproxy® to identify and correct "broken" client browser implementations, misbehaving automated tools, "hitbots," and Internet traffic that interferes with service availability. Logging data may contain the user connection source and destinations, are treated as highly confidential, and have an average lifespan of 48 hours before being permanently purged.

- 3 -  Does Megaproxy® share or disclose any private user data with other companies or partners?

No., Inc does not share, sell, or rent private user information. However, those customers that violate our Terms of Service agreement should not expect privacy protection for their actions.

- 4 -  Is Megaproxy® affiliated or sponsored by any government agency or organization?

No., Inc is a privately held company whose founding principles are based on protecting the e-privacy of our customers. We are not affiliated or sponsored by any government agency or organization.

- 5 -  Do you limit or throttle bandwidth for file downloads through Megaproxy's Advanced Web SSL VPN subscription service?

No. There are no bandwidth usage limits or per connection throttling mechanisms for personal (non-commercial) use. The Megaproxy® architecture is physically positioned on one of the most robust TIER-1 Internet backbones with virtually unlimited bandwidth resources.

- 6 -  Does the Megaproxy® Advanced Web SSL VPN service support websites that use Microsoft Passport authentication?

Due to ever changing web techniques used by Microsoft Passport websites, we do not guarantee that Megaproxy® will be consistently compatible.

- 7 -  There are a number of companies offering clear-text (HTTP) access but only a handful offer SSL encrypted service connections. Why doesn't Megaproxy® provide clear-text service access using standard HTTP protocol? Does HTTP should provide faster access then encrypted TLC/HTTPS protocol?

HTTP is a clear-text protocol. As a network packet travels over the Internet, anyone with physical access to a network device (ie, anyone within a packet route) can snoop web pages and invade your online privacy without your knowledge. There are redirection protocols used by thousands of businesses and ISPs to divert HTTP traffic to web caches, Internet filtering appliances, and data mining "honeypots". For example, every network router and Layer 3 switch manufactured by Cisco Systems ships with a special redirection protocol (WCCP) that can be used to re-reroute HTTP traffic through an external filtering or a logging device. Clear-text HTTP is not a logical choice when it comes to online privacy and web security. From the beginning, Megaproxy® solutions were based only on a secure HTTPS protocol. Megaproxy® will never offer unencrypted access to our service using HTTP (unencrypted) because of the potential for online snooping violations associated with this protocol.

- 8 -  What happens if the private subscription URL address is restricted by Internet censorship filtering software? How can I access the service?

Your Internet service provider may restrict our private URL address. Megaproxy® has no control over ISPs or corporate Internet Access Policies and can not ensure that our service will be accessible from a restricted environment. Consult your company's Computer & Internet Access Policy before purchasing the Megaproxy® service. Access the service using HTTPS (ex. https://) and review the Anti-Internet censorship feature in the Megaproxy® Service documentation. Megaproxy® adds a new secure URL/IP address approximately every 12 months. The new URL is unpublished and we ask our customers to send a URL REQUEST to us to the email address provided in the subscription center.

- 9 -  Can I use Megaproxy® Web SSL VPN to access a website that has restricted access and is only available to visitors from the United States?

Yes. However, we urge all our customers to consider the reasons why access to the web site is limited to US visitors only. You may not use the Megaproxy® Advanced Web SSL VPN service to download software under the US EXPORT CONTROL LIST such as "strong cryptography code" or crypto applications. Please consult the MEGAPROXY® LEGAL PAGES for more details.

- 10 -  Megaproxy's Advanced Web SSL VPN offers much more functionality and flexibility than other services but costs less. What is the catch? It is too good to be true?

Megaproxy's goal is to offer the best service possible at an affordable price. By designing our architecture (hardware/software) and client support systems (Service documentation, support knowledgebase) to be robust, scalable, fault tolerant, informative, and user friendly, our advanced service rarely suffers degradation issues and our clients are able to get most of their questions answered directly on the site. Hence, our operating overhead is low and we have the ability to pass the savings onto our customers.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.

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